“I really enjoyed all aspects of the retreat – a great combination of movement, relaxation, health & nutrition and great food in the most beautiful location. Thank you!” Amanda

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience. The yoga and meditation was an amazing experience and one to be repeated! The food demonstration was inspiring. Thank you very much!” Christine

“Fantastic food! Wow – a revelation to me that food could be so delicious without sugar and carbs. I found the selection of different hot drinks to be amazing, and soon took to the different mixes of herbal and fruity” Helen

“Very enjoyable. A real treat in relaxing surroundings” Judy

“It was a truly extraordinary experience led by women gifted in leading these particular retreats. I was very impressed at the mature and gentle kindness of Hannah and Helen and of their knowledge and skills” Liz

“The whole retreat was very well organised but very relaxing. Beautiful setting, the whole experience was excellent” Lesley

“Beautiful setting, lovely friendly people, I will come back” Dallas

“It was a lovely space in which to relax and the combination of healthy food and gentle exercise was the perfect way to begin to reach out to new ways of living” Helen

“Absolutely lovely. The yoga and mediation sessions were a great ‘treat to self’. Would definitely recommend. Thank you and well done!” Shirley

“The welcoming and safe environment made us feel cared for and safe. Nothing was seen to be too much trouble in terms of your looking after the group. The lightness of a personal touch and the constant attention to detail meant that we quickly relaxed into the retreat and felt safe” Helen

“Thank you again – I think we all appreciated the huge amount of hard work and attention to detail you put into ensuring we all enjoyed our retreat experience” Caroline

“I really appreciated the attention paid to detail – from the literature produced to the kind ending gifts, all packaged in the same way. Also the care to individuals, which made the retreat unique. I felt I had met two kindred spirits, thank you & take care” Amanda

“Just to reiterate my thanks for everything you did for us and for making us feel so at ease so quickly. It was everything a retreat should be and more” Helen