To complement your stay, you may wish to choose from a range of mind and body therapies available, at an additional cost –

Therapeutic Massage
Massage has been used for for centuries as a way of releasing tension and relaxing the body and mind. Therapeutic massage, also known as Swedish massage, uses a variety of techniques to aid deep relaxation. Benefits include –
Enhanced feelings of well-being
Elimination of toxins to aid detoxification
Improving blood flow and circulation
Enhanced skin tone and elasticity
Boosting your immune system
Increased energy levels
Promoting better sleep and reducing insomnia

Facial Rejuvenation
This facial massage incorporates a range of techniques resulting in an instant, natural facelift. Skin appears rejuvenated, wrinkles and lines appear reduced and you will leave feeling refreshed and energised. This treatment includes –
Deep cleanse and exfoliation
Natural face pack designed to suit your individual skin type
Facial massage

Sports Massage
This type of massage is perfect for tired muscles as it stimulates the blood and lymph flow and relieves tension in specific areas. Deep tissue massage can aid poor mobility therefore it has benefits for all whether we’re aching from a desk job or from running 10k. Benefits include –
Aids recovery from injury
Increased range of movement
Improved posture
Released tension
Improved tone

A natural healing treatment, which harnesses life force energy to bring about a relaxed state, whereby the body is encouraged to heal itself. Energy is all around us, and when our own energy centres are blocked or working ineffectively, we can feel unwell; whether physically, emotionally or mentally. Helping to clear blockages and facilitate the clear path of natural energy can leave you feeling relaxed, positive, and open to change or opportunities.

A luxurious foot massage which focuses on the soles and tops of the feet, working to improve well-being within the whole body. It is thought that every organ and gland has a corresponding reflex point on the foot, and by working on the correct part of the foot the body is encouraged to respond. Imbalances can be detected, and changes can then begin to take place.

Manicure & Pedicure
Choose from a luxury manicure or pedicure to leave your hands and feet feeling and looking great. The treatment includes a nail file and shape, cuticle tidy, skin exfoliation, a nourishing serum and polish of your choice.

Health Coaching 
Have you ever received good health advice that you were simply unable to follow? Has somebody recommended a lifestyle change that you found to be unsustainable?
Health coaching provides support and guidance as you set goals to improve your health and happiness. During your session, Hannah will help you to navigate the world of contradictory nutrition advice to determine what changes are necessary for you. Together, we will explore well-being concerns specific to you and your body, and discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance. You will leave feeling confident that you can sustain this new feeling of well-being once you have left the retreat.

Personal Training
For those craving more movement, why not book a personal training session?
Exercise plays an important role in detoxification, and by increasing the heart rate your body can more effectively remove toxins. Personal training sessions will be tailored to your individual fitness levels and will incorporate cardio and strength work for a full body workout.